Countdown 5 days left for crowdfunding film Finding Farideh

Yesterday the Persian Euronews published an article about the crowdfunding campaign Finding Farideh. If you read Farsi, Persian Euronews about Finding Farideh.

And the team of Finding Farideh is grateful to announce that Rakhshan Banietemad Supports Finding Farideh!
Iranian acclaimed director “Rakhshan Bani Etemad” supports the crowdfunding campaign of “Finding Farideh” and she is also going to be our consultant in this project!

Tonight I am meeting an editor for a Dutch newspaper!

It is now or never.

So let’s boost this campaign in the Netherlands too as it is the last week of our campaign and almost all the Dutch people are returning from their holidays this week. SAIL and Lowlands are over and only one week left in the busiest month of the summer, august!

I was born in Iran and raised in the Netherlands. I love the Netherlands, I love Amsterdam. The Netherlands is my home and allowed me to be the person I am today. I am proud to be raised here, in a tiny country compared to other countries but oh so significant and progressive. I am proud to be Dutch minded with an Iranian heart.

Funny detail, my grandmother worked for our Queen Juliana in her office back in the early 60’s at the Palace Soestdijk. My aunt in England (who lived in Tehran in the 70’s) had once per year a meeting with Queen Beatrix and other intergrated Dutch persons from England back in the 90’s.
My other aunt and uncle in England received the title Lady and Sir so they met Queen Elizabeth II once. So yes our family is very royal minded and I used to talk a lot about the royal families in Europe with my grandmother. She had an subscription to the French magazine Point de Vue, which I loved to read. I once saw the Dutch royal family live at the 4th of May at the Dam in Amsterdam as that is our national Remembrance Day of all victims during World War II.

Later this week I will upload a new video, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, have a look at the crowdfunding site: – Finding Farideh
or check my poem ‘Hoor je me’  We still need 52% of our target. The campaign is now or never!

Oh and one TV tip for tonight, please watch Thomas Erdbrink with his series ‘Onze man in Teheran’ (Our man in Tehran) at NPO2 at 23.00 hour. They will show this fantastic series produced by the VPRO every day this week! What a great timing.

I met Thomas and his wife Newsha in December 2013 at the airport as they brought the DNA of the second family to NL for a DNA test:

Hopefully more news later today.
Enjoy your day!


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  1. Ali says:

    Hello Farideh,

    I just guess you are my sister!
    All your information as well you photo is completely matched, but the only difference is your age, that should be more. Are you sure about your DOB?

    I have another older sister who is FAKHRI. Could you call her and talk. She is crying and says if our voices are the same, it could be possible…

    Anyway, she lives in Iran.
    She is your copy!

    I hope you will find more happiness!


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