Finding Farideh is born because of YOU

Yesterday afternoon I had to fund a certain amount for a friend who wasn’t able to do it himself. So he told me how much he wanted to donate and I myself made a donation for him at 16.00 and because of this donation the 100% was reached!!!!

Last week was incredible hectic, lot’s of messages, support and donations. I felt the love.

Azadeh Moussavi and Kourosh Ataee for believing in the story and in myself.

All of my friends who donated and all the people who do not know me (yet):
I am SO grateful to you as I will finally start this exciting journey!
I feel humble to the bone.


The 40 days of crowdfunding campaign at ended 2 hours a go, so the final update is:

target: 10.000 euro
we have reached: 10.592 euro
which is 105%
with 197 supporters from all over the world

Finding Farideh is born because of YOU.

I’d like to hounour all the fathers and mothers who are missing their child.
An act out of love and desperation to survive in this world.

Forever grateful to you all,
With love,
Eline Farideh

Tehran 1977 at the orphanage
Kopie van orph

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3 Responses to Finding Farideh is born because of YOU

  1. Michele says:

    Krijg gewoon een brok in mijn keel!! Wat super dit voor je lieverd!! XXX

  2. Anouschka says:

    Lieve Eline! Ben even in je blog gedoken, was lang geleden. Tranen in mijn ogen heb ik. Life is journey! 🙂

  3. M. says:

    You did it!! Echt super goed! Heb dagelijks gekeken vond het ook echt spannend!
    Nu het vervolg van het avontuur, hou ons op de hoogte! En geniet nu maar even van dit fantastisch mooie resultaat!

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