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At the end of our crowdfunding campaign for Finding Farideh we had a huge boost in the Dutch media.

Thursday the 27th of August an article about Finding Farideh was published in NRC.NEXT, this is the interview in Dutch ofcourse… NRC-FindingFarideh-MNS

That evening I was invited for the radioshow Dichtbij Nederland Radio 5, NTR|Dichtbij Nederland.  The radioshow host was Naeeda Aurangzeb.

Also Persian Dutch Network has been very supporting to share my story throughout the last few years during my search. They were the very first one to publish about my search!

And Everyday Iran has supported the crowdfunding campaign Finding Farideh with their social networks.

The crowdfunding campaign in Iran ended yesterday evening and they have reached the 100% as well!!

I am so proud of Azadeh and Kourosh in Tehran for creating Finding Farideh.

I would like to thank both sites: Cinecrowd.com and Hamijoo.com for being the platform to crowdfunding, a new way of creation supported by their own audience!

I am deeply thankfull to anyone who has shown their light onto this project.

At the moment I am still comprehending the last 40 and so days. I have spent a lot of hours behind my laptop to promote Finding Farideh. I am still thrilled by the result!!

I will definetely keep you updated with the next steps as far as Finding Farideh.
And I will keep writing about what I am doing in my personal life as always.
Find Farideh continues.

PS. How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours. -Dr. Wayne Dyer-

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