A new adventure ahead is giving me lot’s of new energy!

During my childhood we visited Mallorca each summer as my grandmother had a super cute summer house in the hills with a magnificient view at the coast and the medditerean sea. My grandmother was very proud of her garden around the house, I remember the smell of rosemary, rosemary was everywhere as well as bougainville. During the evening we would sit on the terrace watching the stars and listen to beautiful voices and music from the gramophone. Precious memories!

This is a painting of the view..

photo (21)
During the winters we’d go to Swiss for a ski-holiday with my grandfather and his wife.
Being outdoors and skiing, the fresh air and the stunning mountains are defintely part of me as well. They also had a summerhouse in Zeeland, beautiful place in a very rural area of the Netherlands.
My first travel outside Europe was at my 17th, we went to USA and travelled from San Francisco to Vancouver.
At the time I was 19 years old and finally finished high school I went to Aix-en-Provence to study French at the University for 3 months during summertime. This was my first stay away from my family and the first time to travel alone. Magical times as I was staying at the campus and met so many new friends from all over the world. To this day we are still connected with eachother by social media. We all did everything together, we ate breakfast, went to school, got a bit of suntanning and went out for dinner and drinks, we partied every evening. Learning French was on the side, having fun in capital letters was definitely the main one. Meeting people from all over the world enriches your life to the fullest. Friendships for life and beyond.
In my early 20’s I travelled to the Maldives, Thailand, NYC, Egypt and then I got introduced to my first wildlife experience in Africa. I was invited to travel with the family of my former boyfriend, we visited Zimbabwe and Botswana. Right then and there I fell in love with wildlife and nature. To be surrounded with only animals made me jumping up and down like a child. The smile on my face was out of gratitude, humbleness and excitement. The family called me the leopard spotter as apparently I had a good eye to spot them. I started to appreciate birds, we spotted every bird and tried to indentify them. It becomes a challenge to spot all living creatures. The beautiful thing is you never know what happens or is just around the corner waiting for you to spot. We rafted at the mighty Zambezi River and visited the Victoria Falls. Then we entered Botswana… first Chobe, Moremi, Savuti and Xaxanaka and then we flew into the Okavango Delta. Heaven on earth. Sliding with your mokoro trough the delta and watching zebra’s, giraffes, waterbucks and lechwe’s upclose. Seeing hippo’s nearby makes you heart beat faster and watching the elephants drink water and listening to the sound as they slurp up the liters of water all at once and drop it in their mouth is taking your breath away. Along the waterside you will see and hear the calling of the fisheagles high up in the trees. The sunlight falls into place and provides you with lightning you never experienced before.
The sunrises and sunsets show you devine colours in so many ways you feel special to the bone. After Africa I made a trip around the world. Traveling makes me humble, excited and gratefull, you become wiser. Ever since that moment I am traveling and visiting countries to enjoy nature and wildlife. I have been to Indonesia and watched the orangutans in the wild as well as the Komodo dragons. What an incredible journey this was!

Now I am going to visit Iran, the first thing to check out are the National parks and their wildlife and their habitat.

I want to see this with my own eyes.
Iranian wildlife and nature.

With love,



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