Behind the scenes

At this stage we are waiting for the dates of traveling to be confirmed. This week I can hopefully tell you when the crew will arrive in Amsterdam. All I can say is it will be this year…!

In the meantime I am focussing on my preperations to welcome the crew here. They will be here for 20 days to film my life. At the meantime I am going to bikram yoga and the gym, to the hairdresser, need to buy some clothes who are suitable to wear in Iran as well, those kind of things.

My parents e-mailed me that they do not wish to be in the documentary. They might do a short interview though with only their voices. It is their choice and I respect that.

Autumn has started here and the temperature dropped to just above zero these days. The leaves are turning in red and yellow colors with beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

I have been invited by a national talkshow on Dutch TV together with the Iranian crew to talk about Finding Farideh. I will let you know what date when all is confirmed. Exciting as I have never done that before! Hahaha, I’d rather stay behind the camera, but it’s too late now, isn’t?

Today we celebrated one of my best friends birthdays, so cheers to him for being such an important person in my life who always makes me laugh out loud and for all the cheerful moments we have shared together! We have been friends for 7 years and he’s a true joy to have him as a friend. I love you Rod!

Stay tuned for more details!
With love,


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