First days of filming

Friday was our very first day of the shoot Finding Farideh. We started shooting at my house, the first action I had to make for the camera was fine, though the second take my heartbeat was about to explode. My breathing was going like a madman and I stood there totally out of my comfort zone in the spotlight in front of the camera, with 6 Iranians which means 12 eyes staring at me, I felt so uncomfortable and it felt so unreal. I had to cool down for a moment to realize it is not about what they see, it is about what I do. And what I feel from within. I got to keep this in mind. To focus on myself and not what they do around me. Show them who I am in every way. To keep my balance and do it all with love and confidence as I do every day. As I froo in front of the camera, became very aware of being in the spotlight and I need to remind myself, move Eline, move Farideh!!

This will be a journey for sure!
Let’s enjoy every minute of it.

With love,

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  1. Negar Rahimi says:

    You know what ?I have the same anxiety (even if it’s not started yet)wish u luck and see u sooon

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