Historic day

(Written at Thursday 26th of November)

Today is the day that I will go to the airport and check-in at Iran Air to catch a plane to Tehran. A historic day in my life. One which will devide my life in two parts. My life before visiting Iran and my life after experiencing Iran as an adult.

It is like a thousand dreams come together at this day.. I feel my heart burning into flames and loving my motherland for all it means to me. At this moment I still dont know what it is like to be in Iran, this night I will finally find out.

I can only smile with my heart and eyes to know time has arrived to turn my dream into reality. Iran you mean the world to me.

We finally meet again.

I love and missed you so.

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2 Responses to Historic day

  1. Alja says:

    Lieve Eline, Farideh,
    Wat spannend! Ik ben zoooo benieuwd om te zien wat jij allemaal voor avonturen gaat meemaken. Kan niet wachten op de film. Jouw droom is al deels uitgekomen. Wat ben jij een doorzetter. Respect dame! Enjoy and be save. 😘

  2. M. says:

    Wow! Exciting! Good luck and have a good time! Take care

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