I am in Iran

On my way to Iran… finally the time has come to meet up with my beloved motherland.

The seven hour journey was gone in no time, watching the sun going down at this part of the world. The rays of the sun are turning the soft clouds into spectacular paintings before entering the night. The plane landed and my feet are walking on Iranian ground…

I am in IRAN! I am back. I am exploring the reason of my own heartbeat in relation to Iran. It all makes sense to me.

I watched the people at the airport, they are all from my motherland. I immediately FEEL one of them. That feeling to me is the ultimate feeling of all. To be part of a nation, a culture, a civilization, a society, beautiful people. I can relate to, connect to.

I am re-connecting with the start of my own existence.
I had to. I owed this to myself for a 100%.

Lot’s of milestones during this trip, going back to Mashhad, meeting the families for DNA tests and going back to the orphanage and last but not least.. visiting the holy shrine…
The place where I was abandoned.. an impressive holy place.
The circle is complete.


It all happened in 2 weeks time and I am still gasping for air and time to contemplate what I have been through.

I am free and happy!

With love,

PS. ‘Respond to every call that excites your spirit’ -RUMI-

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3 Responses to I am in Iran

  1. M. says:

    Wow! Hoe bijzonder..

  2. Anouschka says:

    Dushi! Ben zo benieuwd naar je verhalen, ga je snel schrijven? 🙂 XXX

  3. Suus Lutz says:

    bijzonder om je ervaring(en) te lezen !

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