And the Award goes to…

While I was visiting Iran in December our cameraman Mohamad Hadadi was nominated for his previous documentary ‘Starless Dreams’ directed by Mehrdad Oskouei at the Cinema VéritéIran International Documentary Film Festival.

Mehrdad Oskouei supported our crowdfunding campaign for Finding Farideh and I met him twice during my visit in Iran.

I went to see the documentairy during the festival and was very impressed. I was touched and shoqued by the life stories of the girls, their vulnerability, hurt and dissapointed views of life. They are struggling their own battle to survive.

I also realised that maybe next year it would be Finding Farideh I’d be watching in the cinema. I can not even imagine how that feels. I’d probably want to run as far as away at that time, scared to be in a venue where everybody is watching me including myself. That is just weird.

And the Award of best cinematographer goes to… Mohamad Hadadi!!
We all are so proud of him, he deserves it. He is the best!
And besides that Mohamad became a friend to me. He is a great guy and we have shared many laughters during recording Finding Farideh.

Mohamad was also nominated at the Fajr Film Festival 2016 and Starless Dreams was shown at Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival 2016!

This is a picture of Mohamad and I while being on the train from Tehran to Mashhad at November 2015. The second picture is at Cinema VéritéIran International Documentary Film Festival in December 2015.

IMG_7434    IMG_7685

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