Beautiful Khorasan, Iran

After our first day of filming Finding Farideh in Amsterdam, Mohamad showed me this short video which was made by him. It is about the province I was abandoned. In the evening we arrived back at my house and were preparing ourselves a meal, we were all happy and high spirited. Mohamad showed me this video and the intense heart feeling music and these magical images of Iran are part of me. It suddenly touched my years of longing.. I started crying because I felt the Persian part in me burning. Six pairs of Iranian eyes were staring at me and they all stopped talking. I joked around that this would happen a lot during our journey of Finding Farideh so they better get used to it.

Enjoy this beautiful video made by Mohamad Hadadi.. our DOP of Finding Farideh!

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  1. I ran is so beautiful

  2. Negar Rahimi says:


  3. Christian Schaffer says:

    Hello! What an interesting project.

    My wife was also adopted from an orphanage in Iran in 1977; she was about four years old at that time. The family that adopted her is from Sweden, so she was raised there.

    She eventually moved to the United States, where I met her. We got married and have a daughter who shares her Iranian name, Sakineh.

    My wife has never been interested in finding out anything about her Iranian family (if there is any left) but our daughter is now eight years old and she does ask about it from time to time.

    If my wife ever did want to look back and find out what happened to her, any advice on where to start?

    Thanks and good luck with your search.

    -Christian Schaffer

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