Affaires of the heart

Daily I start the day with meditation, not to fly but to feel grounded and believe it or not it helps me being balanced, focus and it empowers myself. To connect with Grandfather Sun and Mother Earth and light up the fire in my belly and to live instinctively.  Basically to follow my heart. I am 41 years old, single and have no kids. A few months ago I decided to quit dating as meeting people online first is not my kind of style. It destroys everything what love is all about. People are nice to you and then they get rude without explanation, or want to be in touch with you a lot all of a sudden and at the same time they dropp you as easy as they come into your life. I am done with this superficial kind of meetings or dating for that matter. I am not searching for love anymore as I know what kind of love I deserve and I have faith in that. I feel that I am worthy of love and I will know when our eyes meet with that yet unknown person that he’s the one. Taking steps forward to make other dreams possible. Deep down I so clearly know where I want to go, it is so obvious once you realize that change is going to come! It is all about creating the life I feel happiest in and falling in love with life itself and I am feeling the butterflies chasing eachother about the desicions I am making in life. I am in love with the sun, nature and myself. Happy times!

A beautifl sunset, friends and the sea… creating magical moments is what life is about.

With love,

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Persian Soul in Dutch Life. Flying down to earth.
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