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This week I showed the final edit to my parents and brother. At first my parents  told me that they didn’t want to be in the film as they didn’t support me with my search, though during the filming days of Finding Farideh they changed their minds fortunately and they approved of being filmed.
So a few days ago I invited them and my brother to have dinner at my house and we watched the film together. They were very impressed! They loved seeing what I have been through as the film shows so much more details and emotions than I could ever tell in person. I feel reliefed that they approve the film. It means the world to me.
The fact that they came to my house for dinner was a big step too. I think they haven’t had dinner at my place since 8 years ago or so when we decided to see eachother only in public places or their place as having dinner at my place during that time never ended well.
So changing the negative for the positive experiences. The film has helped me in many ways to go forward again. I am more at ease and relaxed with my parents now. I feel that as a blessing as they always have done what they thought was best. I love them, despite of our different views of life or different ways of expressing ourselves. We are family.

FindFarideh continues,

With Love,

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  1. That is wonderful Eline. The way you describe it sends shivers down my spine. I am really happy for you. Good times ahead, x

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