Back in Iran for the 3rd time!

Last night I arrived in Tehran for the film festival Cinema Verite where Finding Farideh will have it’s premiere this Wednesday 13th of December at 21.00 hours. The second screening will be held at Friday 15th at 15.00. There are around 300 seats available and the entrance is free of charge, so show up on time my dear friends as there probably will be a queue. We already decided to sit in the back (my favorite spot) of the cinema so we can watch and hear the audience reaction to the film.

I still have to pinch myself for realizing what it all actually means. I feel only love within me for this film, project, Iran and the people, the crew, who all became my friends over the years. A true blessing. After being busy with it for 4 years it all comes together… the film in all it’s beauty and radiance for the love of adoptees in general and especially the ones adopted from Iran and living abroad.

It makes me think of all Iranian adoptees worldwide, my sisters and brothers from another mother ;). This film is meant to create awareness and to show what it is like to be adopted and to go searching for your own history. It shows you that you have to deal with the questionmarks in life about yourself, the reason why you were abandoned and to find your own path within all the emotions like the pain, hurt, rejection and overcome the difficulties of life. To feel worthy of life and to feel worthy of love.

Visiting Iran is the closest I can come to my birth family wherever they are. If they are still alive. Millions of women here in Iran had to leave their baby in order to survive. An act out of desperation and something they have to live with it their intire lives. If you are a mother you probably can not imagine what it must feel like as you would never had to make this choice and yet they had to. A seperation for rational reasons and not made by the heart. We stay in the mothers heart forever.

She stays in my heart forever. Sending her loving energy and hoping she will catch the news one day about the film Finding Farideh. The hope never leaves the heart though in reality we might never meet. But you never know what God has in store for me, right! Either way I am in peace and complete harmony with whatever happens. I am part of her and I honour her gracefully in my entire body, soul and heart. She is a part of me.
I love her deeply.

Today is a nice quiet day, Kourosh and Azadeh are busy writing invitations for the crowdfunders here and to invite anyone who might be interested to see the film.
Another thing it is still Iran… today the catalogue of the film festival was released and they made a lot of mistakes in our section… they even changed the title into ‘In search of Farideh’ (……) and the English part is poorly translated. Oh well you can’t have it all and the English language is still a difficult subject for many Iranians as proven now.

If you like, I am sharing pictures/video’s mainly on instagram as that is directly connected with my mobile phone, you can find me @findfarideh.

And in the meantime stay tuned for more updates!
With love,
با عشق


PS. This is the film poster of Finding Farideh designed by the famous designer Ali Bagheri.

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