Award Ceremony Best Editor

Herewith 2 video’s (filmed by Negar), the first one is showing all nominated films in the category Best Editor and the second we see Hamid receiving his well deserved Award!!

Nice detail is that Hamid was nominated 17 times in his life but never won an award, now he finally did! PROUD of the fact that his first award is for Finding Farideh.

With love,


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Persian Soul in Dutch Life. Flying down to earth.
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3 Responses to Award Ceremony Best Editor

  1. Ali says:

    Just watched finding farideh on its public release in Iran. One of the best documentaries ever seen with the very believable and excelent playing the role by eline farideh koning.
    Hope every thing goes well with your life story.

  2. ismael says:

    hi, can you find youre parents? thanks.

  3. ismael says:

    i mean what is result of searching for youre parents?

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