Every morning I wake up..

and have to pinch myself. Is this real? Is this happening?
Yes it is!! I feel SO thrilled about it.

Saturdaynight came as a total surprise for me, Kourosh called me around 22 pm and I had a quiet night at home, drinking some tea and watching a serie. Kourosh was totally out of breath and tried to tell me something, hahaha, at first you think he is joking but why would he joke about this. THIS IS REAL. The adrenaline I felt in my body was huge, the positive connection to this news is vibrant. I was alone, so calling my friend Sonja, she is my friend and the lady who leads our female singing circle. I will definitely write more later about my singing circle and how it makes me stronger and happier as a human being. I talked to Kourosh and Azadeh later on, apparently nobody knew which films the committee would discuss or choose.

The committee which selected “Finding Farideh” as Iran’s representative at Oscars 2020 comprised of Fereshteh Taerpour (producer), Fatemeh Motamed Ariya (actress), Abolhassan Davoodi (director), Touraj Mansouri (cameraman), Rasoul Sadr Ameli (director), Amir Esbati (designer), Morteza Razzaq Karimi (producer), Mehrzad Danesh (critic) and Raed Faridzadeh, the director of international affairs of Farabi Cinema Foundation. Kheili mamnoon for your support to our entire team of Finding Farideh.

So the next days Finding Farideh is the hot topic of discussion in Iran as some people doubt and criticize the choice. Iranians love the Oscars, Iranians love Americans.
At Monday morning Finding Farideh is front page news in any newspaper in Iran. The news now is spreading worldwide, Los Angeles is receiving the news and the other day it is also in Spanish.

What does this mean for the bigger picture. I know that people will discuss the film as a whole and the technical professional side of it. Though what does this mean to all the adoptees in the world, what does this mean for the Iranian adoptees raised abroad.. What does it mean to me? I feel so much acknowledgement, I feel so connected to the world.
It makes my heart flow and overload with loving energy. The country Iran, where I was born and abandoned, where I was an orphan for 10 months, where I met my Dutch parents, is now sending my life story to the Academy Awards. Sending my life story as an Iranian representative to the world. This moment, this reward of acknowledgement of Iran is bigger than life. It represents we are all human, we are all searching our selves, we are facing our own difficulties in life and love is our connection. To be able to recognize and give notice to our drive in life. To share our loss, our pain, hurt and tears together, to talk and heal ourselves in the meantime. I came a long way…

I will keep writing in English and sometimes in Dutch too, just like with Finding Farideh as those important moments when getting the results of the DNA test. I had to speak Dutch at those moments, as that is my second language in life and at the same time it became my mother tongue.

So proud of EVERYONE involved with this project. I will write more later as how we started, who showed their unconditional love to our project voluntarily as every member is as important as the other. We have done this together! I LOVE YOU ALL.

And most of all, I think of my Iranian birth family, my birth mother.. all the people in the world who are missing their loved ones in life.
My love for her never leaves my heart.

‘Remembrance is a form of meeting.’ -Kahlil Gibran-

Deeply grateful and blessed.

With love,

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2 Responses to Every morning I wake up..

  1. Negar says:

    What a beautiful way to describe your feelings. It touched my soul.
    Send my love to you and wish all great things happen❤️

  2. pardis says:

    Dear Farideh! I just saw your documentary and it melted my heart. I live abroad for more than 12 years, I have a 18-months-old son who born here outside of Iran. Your story, your tears, your words, just were so specific and now, I just searched your name and I reached here to your blog and saw little Farideh at the top with a background of Imam-Riza. Just wanna continue reading your words. Congratulations for being nominated and I really wish that this gives you the opportunity to find your family since more people will see the movie. Thank you for searching Farideh and let us see Iran and family relationships and many other things from your vision. Dooset Daram!

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