The waves of the Pacific Ocean..

My second day I left for the Pacific Ocean… after all the excitement of yesterday, this was exactly what I needed to do. Walking down the ocean as my host Kamran was living only a few miles away from Ocean Drive in Santa Monica.

I was dressed in black and with trousers, that was a bit too winterish… as the sun was burning my skin and the sweat was on my forehead and back… yes even in autumn it is summer here during the day! Loving the palm trees, the neighborhood, the sky and the people… everything is better in the sun.

I walked up to the beach, decided not to walk to the Pier and a lot of tourist. Walked straight to the ocean and sat down. Taking my socks and shoes off to feel the sand between my toes. Feeling  the sunrays on my skin, hearing the gulls in the sky above the waves of the Pacific Ocean, smelling the fresh salt air and listening to my own heartbeat at the same time. This is a moment to experience with all senses. Hearing the sirens of the city at a far distance, watching people jogging, feeling the wind in my hair and staring into the sun sparkles in the sea… the feeling of admiration to all that is. Inside me and outside me.

I started singing with the voice message’s of Sonja’s songs with whom I sing in a female circle twice per month in Amsterdam. Sweet melodies cq mantra’s with powerful messages.. I couldn’t resist to sing one song over and over again. It gives me dept of my innerworld, it colors my innerworld and I feel free when singing. I feel so many emotions at the same time and I am growing and feeding my own voice & soul.

Magic moments with the rhythm of the waves, dancing with the sunrays in my mind and flirting with beauty of life.  At those moments I feel one with the universe.

Thank you Mother Earth, Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon for all you give to me and the world. Forever grateful to you.

With love,

PS. The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match with the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature. -Joseph Campbell-

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