Workshop with Mahsa Vahdat

Summer 2018 I got introduced to ‘Silent Song’ of Mahsa Vahdat and Mighty Sam McClain. When I am touched by someone’s voice I can listen to the song over and over again for some period of time. I immediately googled her tour schedule as well… and she came to Amsterdam only 2 months later. So I bought tickets and brought some friends with me.

Now due to the Corona pandemic Mahsa gives online singing workshops, she lives in California. How cool is that! To get in touch with your favorite Iranian singer and also to receive wisdom from her and gain more information about the songs and learn more Persian words along. I am over the moon, after each session I have so much energy, joy and feel connected to all.

So if you like to take a chance, you do not have to be a singer at all, if you are curious and like to try, please do join the workshop! I signed up again as well, click here.

Pure loving vibration and the inner world comes alive even more.
Singing is healing in so many ways.

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