Finding Farideh 2.0

This first week of July is in motion at all levels..

After months of mostly sometimes doing yoga or gym at home during lockdown, with the focus on ‘sometimes’, we are allowed to practice yoga at the yoga studio and/or gym again as per 1st of July here in Amsterdam! Yihoooo! I had been looking forward to this a lot, you have no idea! I am practicing Bikram yoga (heated room) which now has a new name here in Amsterdam, it is called Become Yoga. My intention is to practice a minimum of 5 times per week for the next two months. It is pretty intense though I love the way I feel, energized, strong and having peace of mind. It definitely awakens my body and shapes it naturally, my body adjusts quickly to my new lifestyle which is awesome.

Last week I decided to start a second search for birth family. As Finding Farideh was my first one, I only concentrated for the Mashhad area. The reason why to start again is this..
Some time ago I found a piece of paper in my archives on which I had written a name of a place in Iran. I wrote this down 20 years ago with some other information as well. At that point we didn’t have google as we have today, so I never checked if that name was actually a place in Iran. So I typed this onto google when I found it again… and yes exactly as I had written it down.. it is a place in Iran… unbelievable. So taking my chances and going to search in the Mazandaran province. Behshahr is the place I once wrote down.
Having decided this I am in the process of searching journalists who could help me. Am in touch now with one so hopefully the process will start soon. Finding Farideh 2.0.
This weekend I got a message from someone who is looking for his niece.. interesting how the universe works right.. the person who got in touch with me told me he had a dream about his grandmother in heaven who felt guilty of abandoning the baby at the Holy Shrine in Mashhad.
Interesting enough last Friday, I all of a sudden realized it was exactly 44 years ago I was abandoned at the Holy Shrine. Things do happen at the right timing I am sure of that.

And last but not least… I had a few meetings at the hospital the past 2 weeks. There was some tissue in one of my organs which should not be there. Then the ground starts shaking beneath your feet right. Actually I should have had the appointment in March though during lockdown it was postponed. And never really thought and worried about it. Next week I will have an operation and then I know more too. Though it seems to look all good and that is what I am going for, that my body is healthy and doing fine. I do not know my family history when it comes down to my body as well. Having faith in the right outcome for me and trusting my own process of life.
I remember my doctor once asked me what my history is in my family… then her face turned into a tomato as she knows I am adopted. It was very cute and I had to giggle a bit and telling her it is ok that I realize it comes automatically that question. We laughed it off together. So positive vibrations and lot’s of love for my body. Check.

The only poster (I made myself haha..) of Finding Farideh in Casa King..
With love,


PS. Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation. -D. Elton Trueblood-

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