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So it has been 2 weeks since I had an operation. I must say that I underestimated the process… I always think that I can handle it all by myself.. and I did. Though it was a bit tougher than I imagined it. I told everyone I will be fine. And I struggled at all levels for a few days/weeks and had to admit to myself that I do need help sometimes from others. It is ok to say I am not ok and accept offers from family and friends… Very difficult for me.

Then something else… when I removed the three plasters on my stomach, one was at my belly button. Right then and there I recognized my belly button as a holy place which now has been touched by the surgeon and nurses and they stitched it up.. the last time somebody did something to my belly button was when I was born and my birth mother was there with me. THAT was heartbreaking realization. Again now writing about it gives me tears. It just hits me you know. At least I know she was with me when giving birth to me right. I mean that is a fact. All of a sudden my belly button is touched by others, strange feeling. Kind of, it is not sacred anymore..

So back to Monday morning as I had an appointment with the surgeon about the pathalogic research of the tissue… I asked my mother to come with me as I needed support (learning lol). So the positive news is that it was not even tissue they removed, so we are not talking whether it would be good or bad tissue.. it was something else which is harmless, though still good that it is gone now. So that means my body is totally healthy!!!! The best case scenario according the surgeon. My goodness that was a relief to hear you have no idea.. All things were already pointing into that direction though still the research is final and my smile has not left my face that day.. Grateful and thrilled for this outcome, it gives me so much ENERGY!!!!!  Thanking all the nurses and doctors who were so kind to me at OLVG. They all made me feel very welcome and nurtured, I should have stayed there the 2 weeks of recovery, no joking. I was glad I could go home the same day. I hope my roommate in the hospital is doing well and is healing. Though it was definitely nice to be pampered for a short bit, for sure. Looking forward to the future and truely feeling blessed that this all happened within one month only. Case closed.

Thank you Angels.

With love,

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