Journeyman Pictures

At the moment I am busy making my own website, actually busy with 3 which is a lot. I should focus on one and then continue because this is too much. The first one I am working on is

At the premiere in Iran I noticed that my name was not written anywhere on the flyers and invitations (let alone the posters)… That is something I can not comprehend at all, so I told them I want to be on the flyer and invitations with my full name; Eline Farideh Koning. I deserve that a 100%. It is not about my ego, it is about the validation to the hard work I have put into as well. I have been involved with every step we took. The crew is mentioned, why not myself. So I got the title of ‘Narrator’ which to me didn’t matter what title, as long as my full name was visible too. Equality.. always been a warrior for equality of treatment, which started at an early age in my family.
Every time I see a website with only “Farideh” I get the chills as Farideh can be anyone…
so now I came across an important website for Finding Farideh, Journeyman Pictures.
My full name was not visible on this website. I contacted them and they asked me to write a short bio to introduce myself.. so I did.. have a look if you like.

Enjoy your day,

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Persian Soul in Dutch Life. Flying down to earth.
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