Ten years ago I celebrated NYE at Bali.. by myself.

I was invited to come along with a Dutch friend, who lives there during the European wintertime, to go to a club in Seminyak. As soon as we arrived I lost him in the crowd so there I was by myself which I didn’t really mind. So I kind of had my own party with many others.

There was a swimming pool at the club where people during the day could bungee jump. It was next to Double six beach I believe.

In the back the DJ played techno/minimal and it was a bit deserted there,  I sat there and danced a bit. Then a big group (obviously tourists as well) came in and stayed there till dawn to dance too. One of them told me there were from LA. Cool crowd. And with a bit of envy and curiosity I watched them having fun together and I met them on the dancefloor. We shared good times. It was a nice change though from the young Aussies who are everywhere there.

I still remember that night. I was feeling super lonely and yet strong as well. Some things you never forget.

Where will I be this year at NYE?
With whom?

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