Last week I sent my DNA kit back to Ancestry for research.

I actually ordered the kit end of June, though because of all the hectic in July with the operation and hospital visits it kind of was in the back of my mind.
I never received the kit I realized later on, anyway finally I got it now and sent it back.

It will take 6-8 weeks for the results. Hopefully sooner. By sending it you automatically are going to swim in the sea of uncertainties, the sea of the unknown.
The sea of possibilities.

What I do know is myself and that is all I got.
Distraction is the key.

I keep swimming and the water will know which way I will go.
Ancestry might reveal my bloodline,

though in reality I have all my ancestors with me.
I honor them in my songs and in my daily meditation.


With love,


About elinexplores

I am Eline Farideh, sometimes I am Eline and most of the time Farideh too . Always writing from both views. ElinExplores and I will Find Farideh in the meantime. Iranian Dutch. Persian Soul in Dutch Life. Flying down to earth. With love and light. For you.. and I.
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