December 2019

Reminiscing over the past year… what a strange year it has been!

I am slowly coming out of my own 2020 bubble, with new insights and reality hits for the New Year.. 2021. It has been strange, lonely and uncertain times this year. Looking forward to hug my family again, my friends and dance… I haven’t danced properly since February. Surrounded by people. By their energy. I miss all the cozy times, and when I did stay over for the night at friends this year, it is so wonderful to actually wake up and friends are there, I love stay-overs and cozy talks in the bed with coffee on a Sunday morning with the whole family. I love interaction and quality time.

After my travels to the US in November 2019 for the Asian World Film Festival in LA and the private screening of the Academy Award members I came back home and then on the 16th of December the shortlist of the category: Best International Feature Film and Best Documentary was announced. Finding Farideh was not visible on both shortlists.

However I did get to travel to US for a second time in January for Palms Springs Film Festival and Santa Barbara Film Festival which was such a lifetime experience. And one week before lockdown I visited Edinburgh Persian Film Festival as Finding Farideh was screening there too.

Humble and grateful to have met the audience of Finding Farideh in person.
That was so healing for my own personal development, to tell my story of pain and hope.
And it all happened before the corona era.
What a blessing!

I made this video one day before the announcement of the Academy Awards.
In Dutch. The tension was rising. Never felt so tensed in my life.

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