This used to be a huge trigger for me, being rejected.

Being adopted means being rejected in the core of your own being by your birth family.
So I was always triggered if there would be any rejection in a sentence while growing up. I would feel hurt, disappointed and I would withdraw myself from myself or get angry.
I was being ignored a lot in my own family due to my emotional outlets. They just didn’t want to respond or didn’t know how to respond so they kept quiet and acted as I was not there. Sometimes this still happens in my life. Now I know how to handle myself as it is all about the person not responding. Not being able to respond. Not being able to receive all that I say or give. They are busy struggling their own battles inside.

If someone now rejects me I am thinking; their loss. Of course it hurts at first though letting go of that feeling is my own release of freedom within myself.
I do not question myself. I do not question my knowledge, my professionalism nor my life experience. I believe in the beauty of my soul.

If someone does not recognize my potential it is a shame for both, though moving forward.
New insights, new reality hits home and sometimes I do wonder if I should place a filter in my mouth as I tend to be always so honest that it might scare a lot of people of.

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