Sinterklaas weekend

This weekend I had a cozy stay-over at friends to celebrate Sinterklaas for the kids.
We were with 5 adults and 3 kids, as that is allowed according to the corona rules; 3 adults visiting. The Dutch tradition is that kids, believing in Sinterklaas, get a lot of presents at this night. If I look around I do feel privileged, I know we are living in a world full of luxury and unnecessary goods.

Apparently I am really good at Jenga (never done this before), we made a stroll in the dunes on Sunday and then we decorated the X mass tree with a glass of whiskey while the fireplace was burning. It was a weekend full of warmth and feeling energized because of it.

My friend said to me that I had a waggish look. (in Dutch, ‘schalks’ mooi woord!)
Love this new word. Waggish.

Enjoy your day!

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