In Memoriam

Last week I published my second search called ‘Jat Khali Iran’ onto my social media accounts. I am always handling myself in the spur of the moment. I do something, later I will think about it. Just like now, I published the search again without thinking about the consequences or also about all the comments and messages in Persian I received. I can not understand Persian just yet. Ai. Ouch. That is frustrating though I know the reason why I am not learning Persian yet.. I still do not want to change my own relationship just yet with the Persian language. It will come. At the right time.
So back to my search, I am receiving a lot of messages and comments… I need friends to translate this for me. I have learned so many languages throughout my life and the Persian one was not one of them… English, German, French, Latin, Ancient Greek, Spanish… It will happen one day I am sure of it. Persian language.
Then two days later I got this horrendous news that a friend passed away. Too young too soon. He was the best friend of my ex boy friend. Someone who has been in my life for two years and someone I had a connection with. Whom I admired for the radiation of his soul. He was creative, genuine, open and so sweet, I enjoyed all the good times we shared. The one thing I learned during this time is how important your friends are when studying in the Netherlands. They all came from the Caribbean and studied in the Netherlands. They formed a chill tight group of friends who also liked to party and I fell for their accent. Hahaha. They have a kind of slang and chillness in their voices it just is magic to me. I vibe with them and loving them all for who they are to me as they are all genuine and relaxed guys. And also the ladies, I love them too. The Caribbean ladies have swag too you know and attitude. I see them for who they are, they were at first sometimes too scared to look me into the eye though once they do, I smile back with loving vibration. They are all so beautiful. I learned a lot to be included at those times, I learnt a lot from them and I love the island vibe and hotness. And dancing too. They belong to my ex boy friends life, though I am still appreciating for what they have meant to me.
Always am grateful to have you in my life and to..

Lieve Vinnie, DJ, dank je wel voor alle mooie tijd die we hebben gedeeld.. ik heb je lief. Tot de volgende keer aan de andere kant van de straat,
met heel veel liefde!!!!
Eline Farideh xxx

PS. Life is not fair. I wish to turn back time.
And dance some more with you..

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