Affaires of the body, heart, mind and soul

The last 48 hour of this year..

And I just discovered it is full moon tonight.. the last one of 2020.
So all my crystals and stones will be outside in water tonight ready to be cleaned by the healing power of Grandmother Moon.

Aha, the last days of the year are full of reflections, what can I do better, what can I do different, where do I go? Who came into my life and who did I lose? What are my plans for 2021 and my wishes? Which moments I cherish and which moments did I learn from? Am I as naieve as I think I am? What is my strength and what is my weakness? Did I grow? At all?

2020 is the year of Corona and lockdown, who knew we would walk around with facemasks… I am focusing on love. I don’t want fear to divide us humans. Or the government, or the news. It is a lot to take in. I applaud all nurses and doctors for their hard work and love, all people who try to make the world a better place.

I was inspired to be invited to 3 film festivals; Palm Springs, Santa Barbara and Persian Film Festival Edinburgh Film Festivals, and to come and talk about Finding Farideh which I love doing!
I have been in the hospital, had an operation and thankfully my body is healthy!

I am proud of the fact I finally caught up with my extra kilo’s which I have been aware of so much though never set through. Now I did and I feel great about my own body again which I had not experienced that feeling for a looooong time! Such an important feeling. To be happy in general and not feel ashamed of myself. Looking forward to get back to my beloved bikram yoga after lockdown.

Spiritually I have grown quit a bit since October and am humble to receive all. Always having my feet firmly on the ground. Meditating every day. Dreams are so interesting! I tend to listen more and more to my intuition and happy to express my own boundaries these past year.

So yes I am proud of my self, my body, my heart, my mind and my soul.
I am my own cheerleader for life. I love & respect myself.

I have been lonely too.
And depressed at times.
At home alone. What is the point of living alone really?
That needs change in 2021.

Lockdown was and still is hard.

I miss a special one in my life.
That too.

2020, you were amazing at the start, confusing in the middle and lonely in the end.
Hello 2021, let’s rock!

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