To miss is to love

This year I spent NYE at home alone due to lockdown (two guest allowed) and due to my mood. I was not in the mood for celebration and wanted to do it like this. I did wait for midnight and then crashed in bed at 00.15 while the (forbidden) fireworks went off here in Amsterdam. And that you wake up in the middle of the night as some people partying on their balcony and were very loud and happy. It made me smile while I snoozed off again.

The darkest month of the year is behind us, now we are dealing with the coldest months of the year ahead of us. Hahaha so looking forward to the Persian New Year I must admit. The start of spring. I admire the sun and his rays.

I am thankful for all the people who are willing to help me in my search and sending me messages. It takes a lot of time to answer all, though that is ok.

I do notice that by starting searching again, I am feeling so vulnerable again as anything can happen and how do you handle the stress. My shoulders are tense, not doing bikram yoga and being a lot in my head instead of my belly. It opens up a whole lot of new feelings which are challenging. A lot of Iranians are emailing me about their missing persons in life, once you realize how many are missing… phoeh it is a lot. A lot of misery in one’s life.
Also adoptees in Iran are emailing me. I am answering all of them. I also had a conversation with an Iranian family who thought I am their relative. Though I am not. Unfortunately.

I have so many creative ideas which I need to work out too. Still working on those.

Most of all feeling blessed to be in touch with so many unique beings in this world. It colors my world every day. I feel privileged and I don’t take anyone or anything for granted.

This morning I remembered I had to check one of my messages as she, Sara Emami living in Amsterdam, had send me one of her posts of her blog regarding to connecting hearts as I described at the Manoto TV plus show….  It is so touching and I cried as I read it… to miss is to love.. so true.

So please have a look and be inspired today by Sara’s post..

I am touched by how many Iranians are willing to help me and support me in my quest.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jat Khali Iran.

With love,

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