Always learning..

Learning so much about myself when doing interviews and being filmed. As my own favorite criticus, I see a lot of things which can be bettered.
The interview for Manoto TV, the most recent one, the interview was in the morning. So I turned on my heater to tropical degrees so my hair would dry faster than normal (I don’t blow-dry my hair). Though when we started I completely forgot to turn it down again.. hahaha so yes due to stress also, I must admit, and the tropical temperature in my apartment I started sweating like crazy.
I also noticed I said in some sentences ‘we’ adoptees though that of course should be ‘I’, as I can only speak for myself. So if any adoptees are offended by that, I do take it back and apologize. And the sound is much better when I have my earplugs in (duh!).. so always learning!

Feeling inspired and super energized today!
Love it.

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