The art of living also involves ‘being able to receive’…

I was so incredible touched, I just needed some time to completely be open to this gift of receiving. I could not believe someone would offer me such a grand instrument, out of the blue.

One of the ladies of my Shamanism female singing circle offered me her Iranian DAF.
We met each other in December and I received this beautiful instrument from her. It is so special and so touches my Persian core I guess. I feel special and humble to the bone.
The only thing I can give in return is Finding Farideh..

The timing is everything as it is perfectly in line with my spiritual development.
The shamanic healing power of the drum.

During a traditional shamanic ceremony the DAF will be inaugurated.

Humble to be able to grow and receive.
With love,


About elinexplores

I am Eline Farideh, sometimes I am Eline and most of the time Farideh too . Always writing from both views. ElinExplores and I will Find Farideh in the meantime. Iranian Dutch. Persian Soul in Dutch Life. Flying down to earth. With love and light. For you.. and I.
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