New light

My DNA is registered at MyHeritage and they have a new feature implemented since a week or so.. the genetic groups you belong to.. quite interesting.. so this what I knew already:

53,7%     West Asian

16,6%  South Asian

11,5 %  Irish, Welsh or Scottish

9,2 %  Central Asian

7,2 %  Middle Eastern

1,8 %  Mesoamerican and Andes


And now for the genetic groups..

West Asia – genetic group : Iraqi in Iraq : North of Iraq or Bagdad…  (!!!) -highly trustworthy it says too-

South Asia – genetic group: India

and as extra genetic group: Afghanistan

Always expect the unexpected!!
Life is bloody interesting.

Of course it does not imply that my birth parents still live there… and yet AHA.
It is a AHA moment I guess.

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