All of a sudden I am realizing in the DNA speaking way.. I am not Persian..
Let that sink in.


My physical body is not Persian, it is from countries around Iran, Iraq, the Middle East and India, Afghanistan and Central Asia, and a bit of Celtic and the nomads in the Andes so Iraqi is one parent than..?

So weird this.
In a way nothing changes and in a way everything changes.

My DNA consists of half Iraqi and anything but Persian, though in history they were, could be from anywhere really..
Chaos in my head. Hahaha, it is what it is and always was.
New ways appear..
AHA moment big time.
I need time to contemplate all of this first.

My new relationship with Iraq.
I am half Iraqi. Bagdadi or Kurdish.
And Arab.


And I am not giving up my Persian pride.. hahaha.
Phoeh. Thanks for listening.

With love,

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