Full moon

Today I feel enormous energized & inspired while being in lockdown and with evening curfew.

And then I think aha yes full moon.. it feels like fresh new energy, loving the feeling!
Tomorrow I will set my intentions for the coming month and count my blessings.

In the meantime answering all the responses of my search (some are such sad sad messages.. ), talking to Iranian adoptees aka Sisters for hours who find their way to me and our group on Facebook, creating new visions and projects.

I don’t know though I feel on top of the world today.

Only thing is that it can be gone in a minute.. so better enjoy it while it lasts! It is getting lighter every day, and feeling my own worth and potential more than ever and that is a good feeling. Sometimes you receive support from someone you don’t know and that feels amazing too. I haven’t been practicing my beloved bikram yoga for more than a month.. So my next step will be that, only not sure when (online ofcourse and unfortunately not in the heated room of 38 degrees… gosh miss being in the heat and sweat!) These days I hardly move.. haha.. sometimes I even forget I am allowed to go out and get a fresh nose. So two more months and then the sun comes out..!!!

Also being in lockdown almost for a year now.. you kind of realize that alone is just very much alone. I am a woman (ja ja), single (echt) and have no kids. I would love to be a mother, though it was never my priority at all I guess. After recording Finding Farideh, I did go into a few ways of finding out how to become a mother without a partner..  And after researching this for 10 months I decided right then and there I only want to become a mother with the baby’s father there too as a loving family. I felt pretty strong about it in my belly once I made that decision. Follow my instinct and also my core believes I guess. I am enjoying to see my friends children grow do I do wonder what it would feel like when you receive the gift of becoming a parent. What it would feel like to be honored to become a mother to someone in this lifetime… to care, to love, to nurture. To create a home, a safe place.. warmth and love. To witness someone’s developments up close. That is pure and utter love.

Good night.
With love,

This is life.
Portrayed on the stage for ages;
Recorded earthly for centuries;
Lived in strangeness for years;
Sung as a hymn for days;
Exalted but for an hour,
but the Hour is treasured by Eternity as a jewel.

-Kahlil Gibran-
‘The Playground of Life’

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