The other week I was talking to my friend an Iranian adoptee as well. She is actively searching too. So we looked at all the facts I have..  and we discovered something interesting. I don’t know if we can apply the ‘general’ statics also for the Iranian ladies.. though check this out:

Fact: I weighted 4,8 kilo and my length was 63 cm.
They estimated I was 6 months old at that time.

Though if you look at grow statistics of baby girls with 63 cm length is around 4 months. And if you look at average kg of baby girl by 4 months it should be around 6,4 kilo. Would length not be a better indication of the age…?

Ofcourse each person is different I realize that too. And I had high fever at the time.

I was discovered at beginning of July 1976 so 4 months back would be the beginning of March…  so that would mean I was born in 1976, end of February/March.

Hahaha, that would be awesome to be a bit younger and not have my birthday at the shortest day of the year. I would not be totally spooked if I am Pisces as well.

Anything is possible.
So interesting.

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  1. Anne-Marie Neda says:

    Wat ik je nog niet verteld heb: ik had een Iraans paspoort waarin stond dat ik in 1973in maart geboren was. Ik kreeg in Nederland een paspoort dat ik in maart 1974 geboren ben.. volgens mijn adoptieouders een schrijffoutje. Grrrrr… een veel te laconieke reactie…

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