New beginnings

Tomorrow a new chapter in my life will start. So much looking forward to this.
In the meantime I am spoiling myself tonight with Stilton and a bit of Port as dessert, a perfect combination. The grapes this time are still in the store.
Hahaha just like candles, oh no all candles are sold out here in NL. I am never out of candlelight, and now I am for the first time in my life.. well for everything a first right.
Yesterday we heard the lockdown will extend for another month…  The last time I saw my girl friends as a group we were in Anvers (BE) last year in February for a bachelorette celebration. Dining and dancing in a Mexican restaurant, no signs of Corona at that time. Seems decades ago. Carefree. I am still carefree in my heart. I don’t do fears. I had so many fears in my life that I decided at 30 no more fears. Fears are exhausting and if you fear you forget about being your wonderful self. It is always fear vs love. Love is expanding and feels so much better, wider and warmer. So cheers to my wonderful self and to new beginnings. And cheers to LOVE. Let go of fear and have faith in the Universe. I do.

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