Love, love and love

My very first spiritual romantic encounter with a boy was at the island of Mallorca during summer time. I guess I was maybe 11, 12 years old so summer of 1987/1988. I came there each summer until I was 14 years old.

I first saw him at the sea side, I felt a super strong attraction towards him, it was something physical as well, something happened in the air and sky too, everything got more intense and warmer than before. The heat felt hotter, the colors of the sky lighted up, everything felt excitingly different in that moment of time, I could feel my own heartbeat. I could feel waves of love between him and I. My heart opened. My eyes glitter.
Who is this boy?!

– That night the evening was perfect, it was a hot hot summer day and hot evening and the stars were so bright. I remember looking at the stars and the full moon, and feeling connected to the universe, and wishing we would meet again. Somewhere in the world. That was my profound wish that night I sent to the stars and moon. That we would meet again. And that I could enjoy that incredible unexplainable intense feeling of oneness again on all levels. With someone here on Earth. –

I can not remember other details, only that he left the beach before we did. And once we drove up the road and parked at the restaurant right at the road with an amazing view, I can draw it if I wanted too.. and we walked in, I first noticed the attraction again. There he was. With his family. They were sitting on two tables and he was sitting with two other boys. On the other table it was probably his parents and a girl and another girl maybe, maybe another adult too. I think one of the girls celebrated her birthday as she got a dessert with candles or fire on top of it. Anyway I wanted to go up and talk to him after our dinner, I might even have mentioned it to my parents and brother.. Then he and his family walked out of the restaurant when we had not finished our dinner and dessert yet.. I didn’t dare to ran after him, I think I did walk up to the parking lot, though they were already gone and left with two cars quickly only leaving dust in the air which calmly whirled down. I asked the waiter which language they spoke or if he knew where they were coming from. For all I know, he could maybe spent his holidays here too each summer!

It was my first romantic, spiritual emotional physical, encounter all in one it seemed. I was very much aware of what it did with my body, mind, heart and soul. A grand feeling of self acceptance too which was a rare and brand new feeling to me at that age. A feeling of trust and destiny. I knew there was more to the eye than we could see. I felt it that day with him.
I felt deeply humble and special to the bone to experience this too. It was an epiphany to me. The Universe showed me her power of attraction to another human being in that moment of time.

With a lot of love.
And trust in faith.

Alta mente repostum.

The universe guides us through life.
We all do.
We all are.
Every day.



PS. The love of liberty is the love of others. The love of power is the love of ourselves.
-William Hazlitt-

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