High school reunion

Thought about this moment the other week and like to share. I had a reunion of my high school many years ago. The whole evening I hoped to see my teacher who taught Latin to me. The entire evening I did hear from others he was attending the reunion as well. Finally at the end of the night I saw him, so I made my way through the crowd to greet him. He could not remember me. Hahaha that was such an odd moment. I highly enthusiastic about seeing him again and he looked at me with a ‘who are you’ look, he could not remember me at all..  I was so surprised, in utter shock really. And yet the one teacher I only had for 6 months (economics and I was really bad at it), pointed at me when I walked in and could tell my full name. I was spooked. And intrigued. So interesting who remembers who. We all remember our own vision and details of what we experience. And yes some will not remember me. I like to think I am special for everyone.. hahaha life teaches you along the way that not everyone you meet, you will share a (mutual) connection with. And that is ok too.

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