No match

In March I found out that the Iranian lady in Sweden is not related to me.. unfortunately!
Moments of sadness..

I could not write for nearly a month due to technical issues here, and sometimes you need time inwards and withdraw for a moment to view what’s going on inside of me. And yes it is sad to hear there is no match.

Being in lockdown for a year is confronting as well… All the things as live music, cinema, theater, dining and drinking out are the inspire moments in life too. I so miss that. And good weather!

The essence of life is to be and feel inspired in moments of happiness. To feel the fire burning in your belly. And to share time together.

I miss my beloved bikram yoga now more than ever.

The other day I was in a train and I felt really good being close to strangers again, sharing a moment in silence with each other. I felt super energetic and wanted to talk, though usually almost everybody are wearing headphones… or earplugs. So a spontaneous conversation is almost non existing which is a shame really.

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