Dilani Butink and Farideh

In May I was invited by photographer Dilani Butink, and brave soul Sri Lankan adoptee, she sued the Dutch government (for the first time in Dutch history) as her adoption documents were all false. Her lawyer is Lisa-Marie Komp who is doing an important job and Lisa-Marie was part of the Adoptiegesprek in de Balie which I participated with in April.

With this picture project ‘Adoption’ Dilani makes portraits of adoptees who are holding something in their hands, what that is, is up to the adoptee. Some are holding their picture of the time of adoption, some their orphanage file.. it is published at Dilani’s Facebook account and hopefully it will turn into an exposition one fine day!
Thank you for inviting me Dilani, humbled to be part of it and supporting all adoptees in our beautiful journeys!

I wanted to show this, as this is in the present and it helps me everyday to live with my trauma’s. Healing is a day to day to job and to be able to recognize what is yours and what belongs to others, in every conversation, every talk and every interaction is your own freedom within yourself.

When I wrote down the text it felt I could go on and on, as art is healing too, as cooking is healing too, nature is healing too, animals are healing too, music is healing too, reading is healing too… though I choose these first:

Spirituality & writing 
Yoga & meditation 
& singing are healing for me.


Photographer is Dilani Butink ©

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