Sacred Songs by Sonja

by Sonja Dekker, my dear friend and mentor to meditation and shamanism.

Sonja and our beautiful female circle are also seen and heard in the documentary Finding Farideh. Not to mention that you hear me sing in the film… it is all about freeing my voice and feeling my own strength within my voice and re-connecting with the base of my essence and touches the source of creation. Singing is magic.

Singing in a female circle gives me the sense of belonging. It frees my soul.
That is priceless.

Sonja made 3 CD’s twenty years ago and these are now re-published. How exciting!!
As I can now share the Sacred Songs with you!
Some of the songs we sing in our circle.. check out this one, you might recognize if you have seen Finding Farideh.

Enjoy the 80 beautiful sacred songs… and yes a new series of post is born here,
Sacred Songs by Sonja.

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