mei 2008

When the sun shines, the world changes. The world turns into a soft radiant sweet cheerful wave of people. What a difference. I smile continuously. It sucks that my car died this weekend, but oh well, the sun is shining! That I now have to go to the station on my bike and take the train to work, so be it. I’m still smiling. As long as the sun shines! The sun gives me a feeling of unprecedented freedom. The little moments still make me feel great. The brilliance of the sun’s rays in the water this morning. The old woman with her walker who speaks cheerfully to me. The child waving exuberantly at me from a distance. The conductor who is clumsy and jokes about it. The man next to whom I wake up gives me dancing butterflies. My boss who gives me a kind of hug in his way quite unexpectedly. And the ugly city pigeon that fortunately misses me by a hair. My summer is off to a good start.

May 2008

About elinexplores

Persian Soul in Dutch Life. Flying down to earth.
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