• One thing is certain, that nothing is certain.
  • I got a job which I longed to do for a while, and met many beautiful souls.
  • I am happy when surrounded by people.
  • I have lived for 20 years in my apartment and decided to end this era.
  • Living 20 years on your own is a long time.
  • Time to explore my future.
  • 2021 started in lockdown and will end in lockdown.
  • Each time I think my body is getting in shape the lockdown starts again.
  • I also decided that I leave social care and focus again on creative projects.
  • As that is where I am at my happiest.
  • Balancing my energy level is essential in all I do.
  • Singing, meditating, writing are also essential for me.
  • Love is still the most beautiful powerful force in this world and I keep loving me.
  • Letting go in neutrality to all what is and what is not.
  • What is meant to be.. will be.
  • My journey continues in loving harmony, to be in connection with others and to share precious moments with each soul I encounter. To evolve and grow in reaching for the stars with my own full energy, attention and love. To keep going with grace and drive.
    To pay it forward, to achieve things for the one’s who embraces change.
  • I am grateful for my beautiful apartment and home which was my first experience of living on my own, after the orphanage that is.
  • I am deeply grateful for all the precious moments I shared with friends at Casa King.
  • Going to detach for a while on the material stuff, the feeling of home and to have no home for a while.
  • Deeply grateful for the spiritual insights and spiritual encounters I got to remember and thanking my spirit animal, my soul for these unbelievable recollections.
  • Protecting my own sacred space.
  • I give a lot of myself without asking anything in return.
  • I always understand the other person. And I understand myself at the same time.
  • I deserve all.
  • I deserve love.
  • From myself. And others.
  • Each day I honor Mother Earth and Grandfather Sun in my meditation.
  • The fire, the chakra’s and our own sacred energy.
  • Each day I honor Great Spirit, and my Animal Spirit, Guardian Angels, Ancestors, Friends and Family who passed over to the other Side of the road, and Angels of Light & Love.
  • We are all connected and each of us have our own unique divine plan in this lifetime.
  • Flying into the unknown. With a smile and open heart. HERE WE GO.

About elinexplores

Persian Soul in Dutch Life. Flying down to earth.
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