Casa King Productions

The last part in healing is getting my body fit. Been working on that since Corona started, so it was during the times out of lockdown we could actually go to the gym or bikram yoga again. Now we have been out of lockdown since January 15th this time, it feels the longest time in a row I am able to go to the gym. Loving the changes. Loving the work-out.
So I had definitely two swimming rings around my waist, or three. (depending on how big the swimming ring is in your imagination, or mine.) So to speak.
They are gone now! I can not believe it!!! I have a visible waist again. Gaining my strength in my body, is also gaining strength in my mind again. I always knew I wanted to start something for myself. With making Finding Farideh I knew that I love participating in creative projects, I love to be involved and have a central position in this. I thought about starting something for myself for a long time. And now I did!!
So everything I do either has a meaning or intention to it, for instance the color of my nail polish during FF were all symbolic chosen for that moment in time. Color coordinated to what I was wearing. So the name is major important too. It was either Farideh Productions or Casa King Productions. At the very last moment I changed it into Casa King Productions. I have a thing with the Spanish language, and Casa is female and King is male. Solid as the build of a house, the term of home, and if you are a King or Queen, every person in the process is important and should be treated all the same. And of course referring to my Dutch surname. Before or behind camera, each detail comes from the team. It is about the last 30 years of (media) work experience I gained here in the Netherlands. At every place I worked at I learnt so much, I worked at many companies and that was because I love to learn. I am a sponge. I like to learn in practice rather than books. So Casa King Productions will be officially born as per 1st of April 2022. Hallelujah!

About elinexplores

Persian Soul in Dutch Life. Flying down to earth.
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