The reason why I posted the song ‘Nathalie’ is because my grand mother and I have listened to this song a lot of times together. It was an assignment to translate this song.
My grand mother came to live with us from the time I was 14 years old. She had a few strokes and at the time she was very ill, we thought it was the end of her life.
So she came to live with us as we had the space for it. The first year or so she was ill though she became better and then she became a teacher for me and my brother. A teacher in French (that was her profession) and also Greek/Latin when we needed extra lessons.
I was in puberty and God having an extra family member all of a sudden was hard. She was the one talking at the table when we had dinner. The first year she spent upstairs though as soon as she was better she accompanied us at the table. And I would start telling a story about school and then she would start; ‘In my time…. ‘ and we had to respect that. So it kept me from talking or saying anything anymore at the table. And in a way I had 3 parents as well which was a bit too much. And I remember thinking now my mother has less time for me when Oma moved in. Which was of course very true. Respect the elder, is the motto of my family. She was the one who said to me for instance “you should be grateful you are here, otherwise you might have been dead.” and I could only think ‘grateful for parents who are connecting only rationally with me and not one bit interested in my emotional inner world, really?’ but I could not bring those words to my mouth at that age, I could only look at her with a sense in my eyes “Really now” thinking and wondering how I would have been loved by my birth parents..
In the end Oma lived with us for 8 years, when I already moved out to my boy-friend’s house. She died when I visited Africa for the first time in 1997. Elizabeth Roos.
The best memories of Oma were the times we spent at her grand house in De Bilt and at her casa Fleur de Lys in Mallorca. She used to have three dogs, English Setters.

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