Finding Farideh

Iran’s entry for the 92nd Academy Awards 2020 for best international feature film & best documentary film.


Herewith I proudly present to you the trailer of Finding Farideh:

Poducers, Directors: Azadeh Moussavi & Kourosh Ataee
Director of Photography: Mohamad Hadadi
Sound Recorder: Hassan Shabankareh
Editor: Hamid Najafirad
Music: Afshin Azizi
Colorist: Billy Wychgel
Sound design: Ensieh Maleki
Translator: Sahar Nahrvar & Negar Rahimi
Production Manager: Shauheen Daneshfar
Assistent Director, Mental Coach Farideh: Sadaf Sadeghianpour
Protagonist, Producer, Translator, Narrator, Writer: Eline Farideh Koning

And with deep gratitude also to the three families of Tayebeh, Dindar family and Ali Akhbar’s family.

Te zien bij voor de Nederlanders en Caribbean.

And for all others Journey Man Pictures or google it as it is on many websites available. Enjoy the journey!

Finding Farideh screened in total of 8 months at the Art & Experience Cinema’s in Iran.

Awards Finding Farideh :

Cinema Verite International Film Festival-Tehran, Iran
–    Best Film in Art & Experience Section
–    Best Editing
–    Best Music
–    Festival director’s special prize

20th Iran’s Cinema Celebration Academy Awards
–   Best Feature Documentary Award

10th Independent Celebration of Iranian Documentary Films
–   Honorary diploma for best directing
–   Best sound design

Kazan International Muslim Film Festival- Russia
–    Special Prize of the Tataristan’s President for “Humanity in Cinema”

Los Angeles film Awards, USA
–   Honorable mention for Best Documentary Feature

Ojai Film Festival- California, USA
–   Honorable mention for Best Documentary Feature

17th Hafez Cinema & Television Independent Awards- Tehran, Iran
–  Best Feature Documentary Award

1st “Cinema Cinema Academy Awards”- Tehran, Iran
–  Best Feature Documentary Award

5th Herat International Women’s Film Festival- Kabul, Afghanistan
–   Best Feature Documentary Award

MENA Film Festival Den Haag, Nederland
–    Peace & Justice Award

Festivals Finding Farideh: 

  • Cinema Verite International Documentary Film Festival, Tehran (Iran) Iranian premiere
  • Fajr International Film Festival, Tehran, Iran
  • Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Montana, USA North American premiere
  • Istanbul International Film Festival, Turkey European and Mena premiere
  • Iranian Film Festival in Zurich- Switzerland     (I was there for Q&A)
  • Middle East Now Film Festival- Florence, Italy                         (I was there for Q&A)
  • Docudays UA International film festival- Kiev, Ukraine
  • Flahertiana International Documentary Film Festival- Perm, Russia
  • Heartland International Film Festival- Indiana, USA
  • Didor International Film Festival- Tajikistan
  • Fadjr International Film Festival- Tehran, Iran -second time
  • Prague Iranian Film Festival- Czech Republic
  • Iranian Film festival in Cologne- Germany
  • Persian Film Festival in Melbourne- Australia                 (I was there online for Q&A)
  • Shahr International Film Festival- Tehran, Iran
  • Ojai Film Festival, USA
  • Asian World Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA                             (I was there for Q&A)
  • Academy Award members screening, LA USA                           (I was there for Q&A)
  • Palm Springs International Film Festival, USA                          (I was there for Q&A)
  • Santa Barbara International Film Festival, USA                        (I was there for Q&A)
  • Kasseler Doc Fest- Kasseler, Germany
  • Dhaka International Film Festival, Bangladesh
  • Edinburgh Iranian Film Festival, Scotland UK                           (I was there for Q&A)
  • MENA Film Festival, Den Haag, Nederland                                (I was there closing night)
  • Beirut International Women Film Festival, Lebanon
  • Best of the Fest – Asian World Film Festival Online Cinema     ( I did a video intro)
  • Ontario International Film Festival, Canada
  • Middle East Film Festival, Assen NL

Text I have written for the website of Journey Man Pictures, a bio:
As a young girl I dreamed of one day making a movie about my life, as I thought it was that special. Throughout my life I talked about being adopted and being from Iran to friends. And the longing to find my parents in Iran. Always trying to understand my life to the fullest. How do you deal with the fact that your parents abandoned you? How do you deal with the fact you had no home or family for 10 months in your life without actually having a memory of it? How do you deal with the fact to be raised by another family who are complete opposite of you in many ways? Though eventually your body & mind will ache because of that. As an adult you can make changes in your thoughts, behavior and to give yourself the chance to develop, grow and heal into the person you are choosing to be in life. Before my search and recording Finding Farideh I did a lot to come to terms with my past and my wounds on all levels. Happy to tell all about it as my purpose in life is to tell my full story.. At one point I had no home and family, and 40 years later I am in a movie and walking on the red carpet in Hollywood at prestigious film festivals.

It is all real. Healing journey for me and loving it.