Road to the Oscars

Herewith an update written by Azadeh Khatibi from our directors Azadeh Moussavi & Kourosh Ataee in Iran about our crowdfunding campaign, Finding Farideh, road to the Oscars: 

$16,587!!!! We have raised 82% of our $20,000 goal to bring our incredible “Finding Farideh” documentary one step closer to the Oscars!

Thank you so much to each and every one of our supporters who has donated, tweeted, shared, followed and supported this project! We are overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who has supported “Finding Farideh” so far. It takes a global village to bring a small, vital Iranian documentary to the Academy Awards. 

As independent filmmakers who live in Iran, we often wish our problems- like those of other independent filmmakers in the world- were mostly related to providing the essential requirements of making a film. But the truth is that we live in a world of inequality: a world where the power and ideology of politicians overshadow everything to such a tremendous extent that we do not even have the right to enter the United States during the Oscar campaign. We will never forget this missed opportunity for connection. Furthermore, we will never forget that due to sanctions and lack of an international cargo delivery service between Iran and the United States, in order to send the DVDs and hard drives of “Finding Farideh” to the Academy, we had to put our trust in an old man we’d met at the airport who was heading to the United States. We will never forget that we watched him pile our precious film package atop his diabetes and cholesterol pills to take to New York, and from there send it to Los Angeles. We will never forget that when we find ourselves picked as Iran’s submission for the Academy Awards but with no budget for an Oscar campaign, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money, but the American platform stopped our campaign just after a couple of hours due to sanctions because this project was from Iran. And we will never forget the hardships of these several weeks, right in the vital moments of our Oscar campaign, when we found ourselves in deadly socio-political turmoil in Iran that caused the internet to be shut down for a week, severing our connection to the rest of world.

Nevertheless, we deeply believe that the power of cultural exchange through cinema can open all the doors that are closed by the politicians and the borders they have set. We believe that art and culture hold potential far greater than any sanction or policy. And from the bottom of our hearts, we hope the day comes when we can live in a world where none of these distances and limitations exists.

The campaign is NOT OVER— we still need money for publicity, screenings and outreach, and to pay our publicist who has a great track record of getting films short-listed for nomination. We have 4 more days to get to 100% so please dig deep, and tell your family, your friends, your co-workers and let’s keep the momentum to complete the $20,000 for publicity to the Oscars going!

This is the link:



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Radio interview by Homa Sarshar

Last Saturday I was being interviewed by Homa Sarshar about our second crowdfunding campaign at It was around 09.15 am, herewith all the details and yes interview is in English:

صبحانه با هما سرشار

Saturday December 7, 2019 From 8am to 10am PST

Tune in online

Listen to my past shows on my website:, FB, Instagram, Telegram, and YouTube

Thank you so much HOMA for the interview, very much appreciated!

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Review of Finding Farideh

Herewith a recent review of Finding Farideh written by Joel Kalkopf from Australia.

Finding Farideh was showing in Australia during the Persian Film Festival in Sydney.

Thank you Joel for this wonderful review!

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5 nights to go…

Monday 16th of December is an important date for everyone whose film has been sent off to the Oscars, Academy Awards in Los Angeles.

On Monday the announcement of the shortlist of the categories will be published in the morning in LA, which means 9 hours later our time here in Amsterdam. So around 6 or 7 o’clock in the evening I am guessing.

Finding Farideh is submitted in 2 categories for the Oscars, the Academy Awards:
– Best International Feature Film – 10 films out of 93 films
– Best Documentary – 15 films out of 159 films

Definitely adrenaline time again on Monday!

During my visit in LA I attended a private screening for the Academy Award members.
This was a true highlight as they were all so enthusiastic, interested and kind to me… I love sharing my story first and then meeting the emotional members. What a blessing journey and hopefully I get to meet them again in the future… preferably in the beginning of February 2020.

At the moment I am doing an education to become an Adoptee & Foster Coach. To help other adoptees find their identity and support them with their search to one self or family. Also to educate people about the complex situation of being adopted. To gain more knowledge, to pay it forward. To share my story and hopefully inspire others.

My intention during meditation:
Finding Farideh, the road to the Oscars.
Destination: Academy Award Ceremony 2020
Date: 9th of February 2020
Place: Los Angeles, US

Tonight I am going to sing again in my female circle for the last time in 2019.
Singing makes me a stronger person, I need expression in order to feel free and let go.

With love,

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Review of Finding Farideh in The Hollywood Reporter

Lovely review of Finding Farideh by Deborah Young in The Hollywood Reporter!
A gentle, straightforward story filled with emotion.

Click here for the article… and enjoy!

Thank you Deborah Young! And for making my ego a happy one today…
“The attractive single warm young woman”
(In that aspect nothing really changed lol…)

Enjoy your day!

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The waves of the Pacific Ocean..

My second day I left for the Pacific Ocean… after all the excitement of yesterday, this was exactly what I needed to do. Walking down the ocean as my host Kamran was living only a few miles away from Ocean Drive in Santa Monica.

I was dressed in black and with trousers, that was a bit too winterish… as the sun was burning my skin and the sweat was on my forehead and back… yes even in autumn it is summer here during the day! Loving the palm trees, the neighborhood, the sky and the people… everything is better in the sun.

I walked up to the beach, decided not to walk to the Pier and a lot of tourist. Walked straight to the ocean and sat down. Taking my socks and shoes off to feel the sand between my toes. Feeling  the sunrays on my skin, hearing the gulls in the sky above the waves of the Pacific Ocean, smelling the fresh salt air and listening to my own heartbeat at the same time. This is a moment to experience with all senses. Hearing the sirens of the city at a far distance, watching people jogging, feeling the wind in my hair and staring into the sun sparkles in the sea… the feeling of admiration to all that is. Inside me and outside me.

I started singing with the voice message’s of Sonja’s songs with whom I sing in a female circle twice per month in Amsterdam. Sweet melodies cq mantra’s with powerful messages.. I couldn’t resist to sing one song over and over again. It gives me dept of my innerworld, it colors my innerworld and I feel free when singing. I feel so many emotions at the same time and I am growing and feeding my own voice & soul.

Magic moments with the rhythm of the waves, dancing with the sunrays in my mind and flirting with beauty of life.  At those moments I feel one with the universe.

Thank you Mother Earth, Grandfather Sun and Moon for all you give to me and the world. Forever grateful to you.

With love,

PS. The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match with the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature. -Joseph Campbell-

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Finding Farideh’s first screening at Asian World Film Festival 2019

The last time I was in Los Angeles was in 1999, exactly 20 years ago,  as that was the last stop of my ‘Tour around the world in 80 days’ with my boyfriend at that time. We stayed in the Roosevelt Hotel at Hollywood Boulevard. This is where the first Academy Awards ceremony was held in 1929 and due to it’s historical value we’d chosen The Roosevelt Hotel. Also the fact that Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jeane) used to live there was probably one of the other reasons as I was fascinated by her life while I was growing up. I remember that Ziggy Marley and his band just arrived in the same hotel back in 1999.

The next day, after my arrival, I had a screening of Finding Farideh, a matinee screening.
I invited the former director of the orphanage in Tehran, who played an important role in my adoption process, Miss Emilia Karpaty. She was the heart and soul back in the ’70 of the international Farah Diba Orphanage. Every foreign parent who adopted a child knows her and therefor every adoptee knows her too.
It was an emotional moment to meet her and her sister at Archlight Cinema in Culver City before the screening, knowing that she was in my life prior my Dutch parents… gaining a piece of my own history… what a special day! And what a thrilling day it was!

I also invited two Iranian adoptees who are living in LA region. In 2012 I created a Facebook group  Iranian Adoptees Worldwide and we have now around 80 members from all over the world. Raana is an Iranian adoptee raised in the US and Keyvan is an Iranian adoptee raised in Sweden. We are all from the Farah Diba orphanage and were all three adopted in 1977!

So busy times for me before screening as I was also meeting the Iranian-American moderator Parisa (crewmember of AWFF), our PR agent and all of this happening in the last 20 minutes before showtime!  Hectic and so worth it.

Afterwards I met the audience and did a Q & A… love doing this! Thank you to everyone I met that day, it was a memorable day!

What a brilliant start of my journey in Los Angeles…

41 years later… we meet again!

Keyvan, Farideh, Emilia and Raana

With love,

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