Sponsors Finding Farideh in NL

herewith a list of my wonderful sponsors and friends of Finding Farideh regarding (pre) shoot in the Netherlands in November and December 2015, forever grateful for your magic, service and support:

Media Perspective
Farshid Seyed Mehdi

Royal Secret Cosmetics
Starring in Finding Farideh
Shala Maniei

Yoga Heart to Heart
Starring in Finding Farideh
Carien van den Honert

Zorgboerderij Ons Verlangen
Starring in Finding Farideh
Suzanne & Jeroen Kat

Sjamanisme en Zang
Starring in Finding Farideh
Sonja Dekker

The Ambassadors
Ton Habraken

Bernd & Philippe

Park Studio 
Recording Studio

Remko Keuter
Sound engineer voice over

Billy Wychgel
Color grading

Pierre Valkering

Familie Sadeghianpour
Sadaf Sadeghianpour

Ati Eftekhari


All of a sudden I realize this list is going to be endless.. So a big THANK YOU to anyone who showed their love onto the project Finding Farideh!!